Are you looking for highly qualified Atlanta concrete contractors providing superior concrete services in north Fulton County, Georgia? Greenlawn Georgia Masonry, Hardscaping & Landscaping provides turnkey concrete services in north Fulton, Hall, Gwinnett, and Forsyth Counties.

Over the years family owned and operated Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping has developed a track record of proven success across a wide range of concrete flatwork, hardscaping and landscaping projects.

North Fulton Concrete Driveway Repair and Replacement

Often our customers are replacing concrete driveways that have large cracks with heaving. Heaving is a term that refers to cracks that go all the way through the concrete structure and have caused one side to be higher than the other.

This problem will continue to get worse as water gets between the cracks and freezes and thaws, a common problem here in Georgia. This can also happen due to an unstable and poorly compacted base. As your vehicles drive up and down the driveway each day pressure is created in different locations which adds stress over time.

Are you looking for experienced Atlanta concrete contractors in north Georgia? Contact Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping for a free estimate to replace your concrete driveway by visiting our Contact Page or by calling (770) 375-9640.


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Concrete Driveway Installation by Atlanta Concrete Contractors

Extend your available parking area with the installation of a concrete driveway in the Gwinnett, North Fulton or Forsyth County areas. In fact, a narrow drive can be a nightmare to drive in and out of. The installation, repair or widening of your concrete driveway by Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia is a great way to maintain and extend the use of your property.

Greenlawn Georgia is an experienced concrete company serving north Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall and Forsyth Counties in North Georgia offering the following services: concrete driveway replacement, concrete driveway repair, concrete patios, concrete retaining walls, pool surrounds, concrete driveway aprons, modular block retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, concrete walkways, and stamped concrete.

Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping offers concrete services in the following locations: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Duluth, Alpharetta, Roswell, Gwinnett County, Johns Creek, North Fulton, Cumming, Atlanta, North Georgia, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Buford, and more.

The Concrete Driveway Installation Process for Atlanta Properties

Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia take great care in the process of installing your new concrete driveway. First, we make sure the soil is well compacted. This helps to ensure that the concrete sits level and will stay that way over time.

We then measure and frame out the size and shape of your driveway. We then put reinforcement in the open cavity. Reinforcing bar works to help stabilize the concrete and give it the right amount of rigidity and durability over time.

We then pour the driveway using the pounds per square inch strength that is required for your specific needs. We pour driveways at a depth of 4 inches minimum. There are instances when this may be thicker such as when the driveway is used by heavier vehicles.

Next, as the concrete begins to cure, we put expansion joints or relief points in the concrete. Without joints in the concrete it will crack due to weather induced expansion and contraction. We place joints every 10- 12 foot apart (depending on the actual size) with a center joint in the middle.


Installing a New Concrete Patio or Slab on Atlanta Properties

In north Georgia, we can experience heavy rainfall especially during the winter. When rain makes your yard a muddy pit it is not suitable for use. A concrete patio installed by Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia is a great way to solve this problem.

A concrete patio is an extension of your home that makes it usable even when the rest of your backyard might be a swamp. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to pavers look no farther than an aesthetically pleasing concrete patio.

When looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or business property, replacing or adding a new concrete patio is a good investment. Contact Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping for superior concrete services in north Fulton County, Georgia.

Concrete Walkway Installation

A concrete walkway is a good option for making any portion of your yard more usable. It is an exceptional way to connect spaces and define planted areas or grassy spaces. It also provides an edge to keep garden and grassy areas level and contained.

Walkways are laid in a very similar fashion to a driveway. We would ensure the ground below is level and well compacted. Then we would frame out the exact size and shape of the walkway that you are looking to create. This is a nice feature of a concrete walkway, they can be contoured and directed in innumerable configurations.

Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia ensures that your walkway is built to last by installing reinforcing wire mesh along the length of the walkway. Finish it up with carefully arranged planted areas, some trees or shrubs, and healthy sod and you’ll be all set!


Concrete Footer & Foundation Wall Installation

Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping and Landscaping is experienced in providing full basement and crawlspace walls, stem walls and piers. Concrete walls below grade offer strength, durability, value, and resistance to fire and insects — making them the optimal choice to provide a secure foundation for any residential or commercial building.

Footers are a base of concrete that goes under a specified load to give support. Footers are commonly installed when building a structure, but they are also used anytime a considerable weight is to be supported by posts, or any type of slab or wall.

Other instances where footers are used are for heavy pergolas, decks and retaining walls. The soil condition and the weight of the item being built dictates the size of the footer.

In north Georgia we have a large clay content in the soil which may necessitate a larger footer to compensate for the clay soil condition. Typically an engineer will design the footers according to the height of the wall or the size of the building, and the type of soil that you have. Once these measurements are known they will run calculations to determine the width and depth of the footer. A permit is frequently required depending on local building codes.

Here at Greenlawn Georgia we can advise you as you acquire the necessary permits for your specific project. Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia provide concrete services in Atlanta, Georgia, providing our customers with durable and attractive concrete driveways, footers, walls, slabs or patios that last.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Adding a retaining wall is an excellent method for correcting erosion problems caused by steep slopes or an improperly graded property. It can also help to create multiple level tiers in your property to make these areas more functional, and more conducive to adding landscaping. Concrete retaining walls can be left as is at the back of a property or at the bottom of the slope that is not in view. You can also put in a multitude of designs to fit your style using a concrete masonry unit or CMU veneer.

Safety is a major priority for Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia . Our retaining walls are designed to last, and to withstand existing stability factors such as lateral earth pressure, storm water activity, live and dead loads, etc.  Walls that are tilting, cracking, and bowing (in most cases) result from poor initial construction by inexperienced contractors. Both job site safety, and long-term installed project safety, is of concern to us as we provide concrete services in Gwinnett, North Fulton and Forsyth Counties.  We encourage you to entrust your business or residential property to the concrete contractor with extensive experience and knowledge in building safe retaining walls, Greenlawn Georgia, LLC.


Concrete ADA Accessible Ramps

You want your house to be a haven and a safe place that you can easily enjoy. For some people their home has become a place they can no longer access as they once were able to, due to aging, illness or infirmity.  A home modifications ramp designed to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards can provide the accessibility you or a loved one may need. These can also be installed for parking lots to make your business more available to all customers.

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets standards for what is required for concrete ramps. The following regulations have been dictated that we would adhere to for your project. This applies whether it is a home project to make your home more accessible or your business to give everyone an opportunity to come in.

ADA Concrete Ramp Code

The code for concrete ramps according to the ADA is as follows:

  • ADA concrete ramp specifications require a 1:12 ramp slope ratio or one foot of wheelchair ramp length for each inch of rise. For instance, a 30-inch rise requires a 30 foot handicap wheelchair ramp to be compliant with ADA handicap accessibility laws.
  • ADA guidelines require a minimum 5′ x 5′ flat, unobstructed area at the top and bottom of the ramp for wheelchairs.
  • ADA standards require permanent and removable wheelchair ramps to have a minimum width of 36 inches of clear space across the wheelchair ramp.
  • ADA guidelines for wheelchair ramps allow a maximum run of 30 feet of wheelchair ramp before a rest or turn platform. ADA code compliance require a minimum turn platform size of 5′ x 5’ at turning points or platforms in the ramp.
  • ADA ramp guidelines require ADA ramp handrails that are between 34″ and 38″ in height on both sides of the wheelchair ramps.


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Concrete Driveway and Patio Prices

Concrete driveways and patios in the Gwinnett, Fulton and Forsyth area cost between seven and twelve dollars a square foot. Here are 4 factors to consider when determining where your costs will lie:

1. Will you require your old driveway or patio to be broken up and removed? This affects the amount of labor and disposal costs.
2. What is the access to the location you are looking to have poured?
3. How large is your project? The size of the project affects the price per square foot — the larger the area the lower the price per square foot.
4. Is the area level or sloped? Sloping grades and curved designs affect the cost.

Atlanta concrete contractors Greenlawn Georgia has tackled everything from replacing steep slope timber walls to detailed hardscaping and landscaping site plans. Committed to attention to detail, punctuality, and worksite safety, Greenlawn Georgia is licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

We would love to work with you in creating and refining your outdoor living space by providing concrete services in north Fulton, to your complete satisfaction! Contact us today for a free quote. 

Atlanta Landscaping Contractors

Are you seeking to update the landscaping in the front of your home or business property to improve curb appeal at the same time as you complete a driveway replacement project? Or you may be faced with mobility or access problems due to poor drainage, erosion, or a steeply sloped grade.

Reach out to Atlanta landscaping contractors Greenlawn Georgia to discuss your ideas for making your Atlanta property the best it can be.



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