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With spring around the corner and the warm summer months ahead, we are all looking forward to spending more time out of doors. Additionally, we’d like to find ways to make the time spent outdoors fun and memorable. Hence, to achieve memorable, the yard area should be more than a patch of grass for lawn sports with the kids or just a place to enjoy a barbecue with friends and family. Take a few minutes to read Patio Pavers for Atlanta Outdoor Kitchens to get some great hardscaping and outdoor living design ideas. (Enjoy the images, courtesy of Techo-Bloc / Greenlawn Georgia LLC)

Featured product: Techo-Bloc Graphix Retaining Wall in Beige Cream and Travertina Raw Ivory

The front or back yard patio offers many ways for you and your loved ones to generally relax and enjoy nature. Accordingly, AIM Real Estate & Property Management says, “A well-thought out yard design enhances your home experience and significantly improves your property’s value. And, the best part is that creating that perfect outdoor space can be something other than an expensive venture. It just requires being intentional when redesigning the space.”

To get you started on ideas and visual pictures for remaking the outdoor areas of your Atlanta home, we include pictures of patio pavers for Atlanta outdoor kitchens from Techo-Bloc, used with their permission. Here are a few ideas for creating the perfect outside space for your property.

Featured product: Techo-Bloc Diamond HD2 Smooth & HD2 Granitex in Beige Cream

Designing the perfect outdoor space for your Atlanta home

When designing the perfect outdoor space, three of the most important features for (in addition to lush landscaping) are an outdoor living area, a functional outdoor kitchen, and beautiful paved surfaces. When properly executed, these three outdoor design elements have all the qualities to infuse the needed charm and function into your yard.

The Outdoor Living Area

A functional, durable and spacious patio is easily the most important element of your outdoor space. Your goal in designing the patio is to extend the comfort of an indoor room to your outdoor space. But you want to do this while considering the outdoor environment’s unique characteristics. This means designing your patio to give it the functionality of an indoor room without losing its outdoor feel.

Designs Ideas for the Unique Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Pay attention to privacy by selecting an area alongside your fence or house. Adding a pergola or trellis can help shield the space from prying eyes if you have a freestanding structure.
  • Install a fire feature to recreate the feeling of a roaring bonfire where members of the tribe gather after a long day of hunting and household duties.
  • Add a feeling of luxury by using these oversized Techo-Bloc patio stones for your patio floors and to make stone steps around the fire pit or burner. Our experience is that patio pavers for Georgia outdoor kitchens from Techo-Bloc are unsurpassed in beauty and durability.
  • Include stylish accessories and furniture, a selection of standard patio furniture with eye-catching colors or patterns, portable furniture, and accent tables.

“Whether your home follows a traditional or modern look, there are endless paver styles to choose from,” comments the Techo-Bloc design team. “If you love a monochromatic color palette, you can choose from a variety of Techo-Bloc pavers. We color match across our collections, making it easy to mix in different products of the same color. For example, you can match our Graphix retaining wall with our Blu 80 Smooth pavers in Beige Cream to achieve a seamless look. You can also choose different colors within the same product category since most of our products are available in 3-6 colors!”

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

A beautiful outdoor kitchen lets you be part of the outdoor fun instead of stuck in a kitchen preparing meals. Here are a few ideas that will make a difference:

  • An open-air kitchen with a rugged façade recalls visions of a rustic cottage while still incorporating all the features you would expect from a modern kitchen.
  • An outdoor wood-burning oven for open-fire cooking with your yard enveloped in the aroma of freshly baked food making its way out of the inviting flames.
  • An outdoor bar to complete the look of your kitchen can be an elaborate arrangement or as simple as you can conceive while achieving the functionality you need.

Durable & Attractive Pavers and Retaining Walls

Pavers, stones, and slabs help to inject an atmosphere of luxury into every aspect of your outdoor design. In fact, they supply the ruggedness needed to add authenticity to your yard while adding unparalleled beauty to the landscaping.

Techo-Bloc Pool Deck installed in Monroe, Georgia by Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping

Hardscaping features are the most adaptable part of the design, as they are used in different areas of your yard. Look for these details:

  • Salt-resistant and color-consistent pavers or paving stones, such as those from Techo-Bloc, are perfect for breathtaking stone driveways that add a distinct ambiance to your outdoor space. The range of shapes, colors, and finishes available means you can adapt the products to suit the needs of virtually any design.
  • Oversized Techo-Bloc patio stones let you create a custom look. Their unique appearance and unusual size make them hard to overlook. They are used to define an elegant walkway, and their understated design help to give your visitors a memorable experience.
  • Retaining walls may be used to create levels on sloping land or as the perfect solution for erosion control. Techo-Bloc retaining walls are lovely enough to be aesthetic additions to your design yet durable enough for more functional uses.
Techo-Bloc outdoor living area installed by Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping in Flowery Branch, Georgia

Certified Techo-Bloc Contractor for North Georgia

As a certified Techo-Bloc contractor for north Georgia, Greenlawn Georgia provides and installs a full range of superior hardscaping products and services for your outdoor living area. These outstanding patio pavers, driveway pavers and retaining wall materials from Techo-Bloc will help you create a unique and beautiful outdoor living area.

To learn more about beautiful Techo-Bloc patio pavers for Atlanta outdoor kitchens, or for a complimentary quote on your home hardscaping project, visit the Greenlawn Atlanta Techo-Bloc page.

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