Duluth Retaining Wall Contractors

Duluth Retaining Wall Contractor

Duluth retaining wall contractors Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping install retaining walls for a variety of purposes, both aesthetic and functional.

Installing a new retaining wall in your yard or business property transforms the look of your property and provides the structural integrity you need to retain earth. Retaining walls are used to enclose patios and outdoor kitchen areas, pool decks and many other features found in the outdoor environment.

Brick, stone, concrete and wood are all popular materials used to construct an attractive, functional and sturdy retaining wall. The selection of natural materials such as stone look most attractive in the outdoor environment. Or, the retaining wall can be finished with a smooth coating and painted to match other elements on the house or in the outdoor living area.

Duluth Retaining Wall Contractors Materials Selections

  • Interlocking modular segmental concrete blocks are used to hold back a sloping face of soil to provide a restraint and create a flat area. These segmental block retaining wall materials offer a sturdy economical solution and are available in a variety of colors and textures.
  • Dry stack, or natural stone walls, are built with mortar toward the back of the stones to provide a natural look without seeing the mortar joint. Primarily used by Duluth retaining wall contractors for decorative purposes, they are also used in low retaining wall situations.
  • Poured concrete retaining walls offer superior strength and waterproofing capabilities, primarily utilized where appearance is not a primary requirement.

Created both for beauty and to solve a variety of erosion control and drainage problems, retaining walls are ideal in sloping yards for the purpose of creating a level area.

If you’re looking to install a new retaining wall or to replace an existing wall, Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping and Landscaping are the experienced Duluth retaining wall contractors you can trust.

Contact Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping, your trusted Duluth retaining wall contractors, through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640.

Georgia Erosion & Sediment Control Blue Card Certification

Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping carries the Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Blue Card Certification, essential credentials to successfully address erosion and sediment control issues. As experienced Duluth retaining wall contractors, we seek to employ industry best practices throughout our work.

Retaining Wall Plans and Permits

Many Georgia municipalities require engineered plans and permits for retaining walls over a certain height. Duluth retaining wall contractors Greenlawn Georgia may recommend different options to expedite and enhance your project such as the construction of multiple low retaining walls to create tiered levels in the property.

Duluth property owners are advised to check local codes prior to beginning a new outdoor living project such as a retaining wall. Good resources are often available online such as these retaining wall guidelines provided by Gwinnett County.

Workmanship and Materials Warranties

Our work is backed up by our comprehensive workmanship warranty.  As your Duluth retaining wall contractors, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. Greenlawn Georgia’s preferred paver product, Techo-Bloc, comes with a standard lifetime product performance guarantee.

Erosion and Sediment Control Expertise

Duluth retaining wall contractor Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping and Landscaping has the experience to address your erosion and storm water management system challenges. Challenges such as stabilizing steep slopes and runoff areas can be solved with a combination of improved drainage measures, new vegetation, and the installation of retaining walls.

Our drainage solutions also incorporate french drains, trench drains, yard basins, yard inlets, dry wells and dry creek beds into our drainage solutions. A dry creek bed is a trench lined with stones that prevents erosion and pooling of water by controlling water flow.

Duluth Landscaping Contractors

Are you looking for your residential or business property to become a place of beauty to be admired and enjoyed by all who live there or come to visit? The outdoor environment is an extension of your home or business property and should reflect the same care shown to the inside.

If this is something you desire for your property, choose to engage Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping as your Duluth Landscaping Contractor. Quality landscaping services are a smart investment in your home or business property, providing enjoyment for years to come.

If your outdoor environment does not bring you the pleasure (and reflect the quality) you are looking for, then look no further for landscaping services in Duluth Georgia than Greenlawn Georgia LLC.

If you are seeking a landscape services company that understands the challenges you face in maintaining top-notch “curb appeal”, contact Duluth landscaping contractor, Greenlawn Georgia, today for a  consultation. Contact us through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640.


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