Are you planning a new landscaped garden, outdoor living area, pool landscaping, or garden refurbishing this season?
Greenlawn Georgia Masonry Hardscaping & Landscaping is a landscape installation company in Buford Georgia ready to assist you with your project!

Every new landscaping project is unique when you consider your personal preferences and property, slope, shade and sun patterns, and a host of other factors that influence the final landscape design.

Greenlawn Georgia is a full-service landscape installation company in Buford Georgia serving North Fulton, Hall, Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties. We stand ready to help you move from the planning to the execution of beautiful new landscaped areas for your home or business. Contact us today by telephone to (770) 375-9640 or via our Contact Form.

The Landscape Installation Process

Landscaping or softscaping involves the planting of live horticultural materials and the prior preparatory work including grading, soil amendment, and bed preparation before tree, plant and sod installation takes place. The following steps outline the landscape installation process.

Site Preparation Essentials

The first step in the installation process is the preparation of the land by clearing and grading. Any drainage, erosion control, or storm water control would be addressed in this stage by grading to add swales, terraces, or berms; or by installing site improvements such as underground piping, French drains, or dry beds.

Greenlawn Georgia is a full-service landscape installation company in Buford, Georgia. We follow state law by ensuring that we contact the proper Georgia 811 agency before digging, this ensures that you get the yard you want without having to worry about the process.

Landscaping Installation Services

  • Landscape Design

  • Sod Installation

  • Plant Installation

  • Tree Installation

  • Tree Removal

  • Drainage Solutions

  • Storm Damage Repair

  • Irrigation System Installation

  • Land Leveling & Grading

  • Pool Landscaping

Sustainability and Water Conservation

Today’s homeowner is often concerned about water conservation. Proper grading and careful selection of appropriate landscaping materials are important strategies for conserving water. There are other eco-friendly hardscape products to consider as well, one of the most effective is Belgard permeable pavers which allow water to percolate down into the ground below. This not only reduces the amount of storm water runoff into driveways and streets, but it also helps the environment by allowing rainwater to moisturize the ground. This is just one more strategy to achieve dramatic results from hardscaping and landscaping by Greenlawn Georgia.

Utilizing the Best Bermuda and Zoysia Sod

One of the best ways to see dramatic results with your landscaping is a beautiful, pest and weed free lawn. Here at Greenlawn Georgia we take pride in installing the best Bermuda and Zoysia gathered from reputable sources. Both varieties of sod are considered warm-season turf by The University of Georgia.

Amendment for Healthy Soil

A healthy landscaped garden is dependent on healthy soil – the absorptive, nutritional, and organic quality of the soil. The initial step of plant material installation is often adding soil amendment before planting. After clearing, grading, and bed preparation are completed, plant material deliveries are scheduled to ensure timely planting.

Georgia Native Plants Create a Balanced Environment

Whenever possible we utilize Georgia native plants in our landscaped areas. Here in Georgia we have an abundance of beautiful native plants to grace your property. The Georgia Native Plant Society dictates that native plants are those plants which have inhabited a particular region for thousands of years. When native plants are used it helps to create a balance for the environment and you will see an abundance of hummingbirds and butterflies, both of which help your flowers and yard grow. The University of Georgia and Georgia Department of Natural Resources have a wealth of information on finding the right plants and trees for your house.

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Greenlawn Georgia is a full-service landscape installation company in Buford Georgia serving Hall, Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties. You can achieve dramatic results from hardscaping and landscaping by Greenlawn Georgia. We stand ready to serve you, please contact us today through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640.