Are you considering the addition of a new retaining wall for your north Georgia property? Attractive stone, segmental block, and concrete retaining walls add beauty while solving a wide array of hardscaping and landscaping issues and design challenges. Greenlawn Georgia is a retaining wall contractor in Buford GA with extensive experience in building retaining walls for our clients.

The addition of a retaining wall may be just what you need to…

  • Create a defining boundary at a walkway, patio or garden edge

  • Add new planted areas in front and backyard gardens

  • Prevent erosion and improve storm water control

  • Stabilize ground at a driveway, patio, or walkway

  • Convert sloped ground into more usable and attractive flat areas

  • Simplify maintenance around sloped areas

Popular Retaining Wall Materials

Retaining walls are constructed from a variety of materials including poured concrete, treated timbers, wall stones, natural stones, bricks, and segmental retaining walls.

Stones, rocks, and boulders create an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, blending naturally with landscaping. While wood timbers have in the past been considered a less expensive option, they now cost about the same as brick, stone or concrete. Wood has the shortest lifespan because of its susceptibility to decomposition.

Prefabricated segmental retaining walls provide an attractive maintenance free alternative with a variety of sizing and color options. 

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Retaining Wall Design Factors

There are a variety of important design factors to determine prior to beginning construction on a retaining wall including the elevation and slope of the ground, soil conditions, the height for the new wall and surrounding drainage conditions. Retaining walls adjacent to a parking lot or other surcharge conditions would be designed accordingly to handle the additional weight.

These factors will determine the type of wall needed, the width and height, reinforcement, drainage details, etc. to be considered by the retaining wall contractor in Buford GA. A well-designed and attractive stone, brick or concrete retaining wall will add beauty while solving a wide array of landscaping issues.

Retaining Wall Drainage Systems

Most retaining walls are designed to be impervious, which means that water cannot pass through the wall itself, and therefore efficient drainage behind and nearby the wall is critical. When excessive storm water drainage around the wall goes unaddressed, hydrostatic pressure will build up behind the wall and cause damage such as bulging or cracking.

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Is a permit required to build a retaining wall in Georgia?

Typically, in Georgia, permits are required when the retaining wall is higher than 4 feet high. Property owners should check with local zoning and code regulations in their municipality to determine whether a permit is required for a retaining wall.

Multiple retaining walls under 4’ can be constructed at intervals in the landscape to conform to local codes. This creates a pleasing aesthetic as landscaping materials such as flowers, shrubs and trees can be added adjacent to the retaining wall. When surcharge load conditions exist such as buildings, roads, or other loads adjacent to the wall, a building permit will be required.

A functional yet beautiful retaining wall can become a highly attractive aesthetic feature of your property. With the addition of landscape lighting, attractive plantings, and perhaps a hardscaped walk or stair —  your property will draw attention!

Greenlawn Georgia is a full-service retaining wall contractor in Buford GA serving Hall, Gwinnett, and Forsyth Counties. The addition of a well-designed and well-built retaining wall at your residential or commercial north Georgia property can greatly enhance the functionality, accessibility, and overall visual appeal of your property. We stand ready to serve you, please contact us today through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640.