Johns Creek Retaining Wall Contractors

Johns Creek Landscape Retaining Wall Contractors

Do you have an old, collapsing brick, wood or block retaining wall that is creating an eyesore on your property?  Replace that old wall with a beautiful, new retaining wall — Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping are the experienced Johns Creek retaining wall contractors you can trust.

Installing a new retaining wall in your yard or business property will both transform the look of your property AND provide the structural integrity you need to solve drainage or other problems on your property.

Storm Drainage for Your Hardscaped Areas in Johns Creek

A frequently overlooked area of outdoor hardscaping and landscaping is a good drainage system. We often recommend French drains, swells, dry creek beds and other infrastructure as needed to manage storm water flow and retention.

Erosion Control Services by Johns Creek Retaining Wall Contractors

Professionals at Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping have the knowledge and experience to address your erosion and storm water management system needs. In addition to dry creek beds, we frequently incorporate the following drainage control systems into our drainage solutions:

  • French drains
  • Trench drains
  • Yard basins
  • Yard inlets
  • Dry wells

Professional Drainage and Erosion Control Installation is Essential

As you are aware, drainage issues around your home or business property must be taken seriously; otherwise, the consequences can be costly to repair. Poorly designed or installed erosion and storm water control solutions will not solve ongoing problems.

Another critical factor in solving residential drainage problems is controlling the flow of water from one property to the next. Local codes require that water flow between properties be maintained at pre-construction levels once a new home is built – and for the duration of home ownership.

To prevent this overflow from happening, we install measures to protect your property from experiencing drainage coming from your neighbors’ yard, as well as restrict water from your yard going to your neighbor’s. For a complimentary onsite appointment with Johns Creek retaining wall contractors Greenlawn Georgia, contact us through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640

Johns Creek Concrete Driveway Contractor

Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping is a full-service concrete driveway contractor serving Johns Creek, in North Fulton County, Georgia.

Home and business owners frequently observe that over time residential concrete driveways wear down and require small amounts of maintenance. In some cases they deteriorate significantly which can negatively affect the market value of your property. Choosing to engage a trusted concrete driveway contractor in Johns Creek is a smart decision if your driveway has been damaged or deteriorated.

Georgia Erosion & Sediment Control Blue Card Certification for Johns Creek Properties

In order to successfully address erosion and sediment control issues it is critical to have the right credentials.  Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping carries the Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Blue Card Certification.  

This allows us to walk through the whole process of building retaining walls in Johns Creek (or surrounding communities) from design to completion applying our erosion control expertise.

Your new landscape or hardscape project is designed with stability and safety for the long-term.  In fact, the certification course covers: “…fundamentals of erosion and sediment control, the Georgia Erosion & Sedimentation Act, NPDES Permits, field maintenance, stream buffers, vegetative and structural BMP practices.” (From the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission website.)


The Functional Value of the Well-Built Retaining Wall in Johns Creek

Retaining walls have both an aesthetic and a functional value in the residential or commercial landscape. Functionally, a well-built retaining wall is useful for:

  • Creating a support wall to retain soil and vegetation
  • Directing storm water flow
  • Reducing erosion of plants and garden areas
  • Creating a level area in the landscape
  • Controlling soil erosion, preventing flooding, stabilizing slopes
  • Enabling landscape maintenance on hilly areas and slopes

The Aesthetic Value of the Well-Built Retaining Wall in Johns Creek

A well-designed and attractive stone, brick or concrete retaining wall will add beauty while solving a wide array of landscaping issues providing aesthetic value that can:

  • Add a dramatic hardscape in the outdoor living area
  • Become an attractive addition to the home or business property landscape
  • Present a distinct border at a garden, sidewalk, or patio edge
  • Add a distinct degree of definition to specific areas of the landscape

Retaining Wall Types by Johns Creek Retaining Wall Contractors

Our Johns Creek retaining wall contractors have many  years of experience in installing a wide variety of different types of block walls. The well-built block, concrete or stone retaining wall is essential for controlling storm water flow and soil erosion, and for providing sturdy ground for stairs, ramps, and patios. The following are the types of walls Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping installs:

  • Modular, Segmental, Interlocking Retaining Walls that are used to hold back a sloping face of soil to provide a solid, vertical front.
  • Poured Concrete Retaining Walls that  offer superior vertical and lateral strength, and waterproofing capabilities.
  • Dry Stack or Natural Stone Walls that are primarily decorative, yet can be used to retain smaller rises. Natural stone walls also work well in landscaping design, used especially in raised beds near patios, swimming pool, fire pits, etc.
  • Timber, Wooden, Pressure Treated Retaining Walls are not frequently recommended as they have a limited life span – often less than eight years. We encourage our customers to consider more permanent retaining wall materials and designs.

Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping uses a customized design and planning process for each project. There are a variety of important design factors to determine prior to beginning construction on a retaining wall including the elevation and slope of the ground, soil conditions, the height for the new wall and surrounding drainage conditions. Retaining walls adjacent to a parking lot or other surcharge condition would be designed accordingly to handle the additional weight.

Replace your damaged or deteriorated wood timber walls in Johns Creek, Georgia with an attractive stone, brick, or concrete wall. Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping are experienced, trusted Johns Creek retaining wall contractors — we look forward to working with you!

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Johns Creek Landscape Retaining Wall Contractor, Greenlawn Georgia, LLC

Are you planning to enhance your Atlanta, GA residential or commercial property with an attractive stone, brick, or concrete retaining wall, or perform other hardscaping or landscaping upgrades?

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Contact Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640. Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping stands ready to assist you with all your hardscaping projects. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring your landscaping and hardscaping dreams to fruition.

Retaining Wall Plans and Permits in Johns Creek

Engineered plans and permits are now often required by Georgia municipalities for retaining walls over a certain height. When a tall retaining wall is under consideration, Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping and Landscaping will often recommend options to expedite and enhance your project by suggesting multiple low retaining walls arranged to create tiered levels in the property. This planning option can greatly impact the timing of the work.

Home and commercial property owners are encouraged to check local codes prior to beginning the project. Municipalities will often provide guidelines such as these retaining wall guidelines provided by Gwinnett County.

Greenlawn Georgia Workmanship and Materials Warranties

Greenlawn Georgia backs up our work with a comprehensive workmanship warranty. Our preferred hardscaping product, Techo-Bloc, comes with a standard lifetime guarantee. Our goal as your Atlanta landscape retaining wall contractor is to meet and exceed your expectations as we diligently design and complete the landscaping and hardscaping work.


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