Retaining Wall Contractor Alpharetta GA

Retaining Wall Contractor in Alpharetta GA

Are you planning to make improvements to maintain or increase the value of your home or business property?
As you begin to evaluate home improvement options, consider outdoor living improvements. Engaging a retaining wall contractor in Alpharetta, GA may be part of the plan to complete one or more of these projects:

  • New outdoor living area: Well-planned outdoor living spaces extend the living area of your home, providing new opportunities for gathering with friends and family in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Many properties have a slope in the yard that requires a retaining wall to increase the functional yard space, add a swimming pool or expand the outdoor living area.
  • Expand the useable area of your property: The addition of a retaining wall in a sloped portion of your property, or clearing and grading, creates new level areas for recreation, gardening, outdoor dining, and more.
  • Solving drainage and erosion issues: Uncontrolled storm water drainage and erosion on your property can wreak havoc if not managed. A retaining wall is often part of the solution.
  • Retaining wall maintenance: Retaining walls can deteriorate over time, or they may have been poorly constructed to begin with, resulting in damages to your yard.

Four Types of Retaining Walls & Recommended Materials

  • Retaining wall to create functional flat area in the property.

Preferred materials: Depending on the size and location, materials may include poured concrete; stone, brick, or concrete-block walls; and interlocking concrete blocks.

  • Retaining wall for decorative purposes to enclose a garden, border a patio or walkway, mark the property boundary, or define a unique garden area.

Preferred materials: Stacked stone, interlocking wall blocks, wood, timbers, boulders, or other materials.

  • Retaining wall to control erosion or storm water damage.

Preferred materials: Depending on the size and location of the wall, the retaining wall contractor in Alpharetta, GA may use poured concrete; stone, brick, or concrete-block walls; and interlocking concrete blocks.

  • Seating walls around a patio or fire pit.

Preferred materials: Retaining wall materials that appropriately match adjacent outdoor living areas such as flagstone, stacked stone, attractive interlocking wall blocks.

Retaining Wall Plans and Permits

Many Georgia municipalities now require engineered plans and permits for retaining walls over a certain height. While we make every effort to recommend a variety of approved options including multiple low retaining walls arranged to created tiered levels in the property, allow for this possibility when planning your project as it can greatly impact the timing of the work.

Workmanship and Materials Warranties

Greenlawn Georgia backs up our work with a comprehensive workmanship warranty, and our preferred hardscaping product, Techo-Bloc, comes with a standard lifetime guarantee. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations as we diligently complete the work.

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Retaining Wall Contractor in Alpharetta, GA, Greenlawn Georgia, LLC

Are you planning to enhance your Alpharetta, GA residential or commercial property with an attractive stone, brick, or concrete retaining wall, or perform other hardscaping or landscaping upgrades? Contact retaining wall contractor in Alpharetta, GA, Greenlawn Georgia for a professionally installed, durable and attractive outdoor living project.

As you plan improvements to maintain the value of your property, such as painting, HVAC upgrades, or a new roof, consider outdoor living options such as an outdoor kitchen, firepit, new patio and more! Greenlawn Georgia is a fully insured retaining wall contractor in Alpharetta, GA.

As we perform the hardscaping and landscaping work, we endeavor to exceed industry-standard best practices to ensure that you, your family, and our staff are protected throughout the installation process.

Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & Landscaping stands ready to assist you with all your hardscaping projects, including exciting new projects and necessary renovations. We enjoy walking through this process with our clients as they seek to engage a trusted retaining wall contractor in Alpharetta GA.

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