Roswell Retaining Wall Contractor

Roswell Retaining Wall Contractor

How will you benefit from a new retaining wall installed by an experienced Roswell retaining wall contractor?

  • Retaining walls divert and control storm water runoff, stabilizing plants, soil and grassy areas.

  • When installed correctly, retaining walls provide long-term stability that protects the value of your property.

  • The installation of a retaining wall creates multiple levels on the property, providing a more accessible and useful landscaped property.

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Roswell Retaining Wall Contractor

Consider the following advantages to installing a retaining wall:

  • Retaining walls in Roswell GA offer a practical, attractive, long-term solution to landscaping and drainage issues. Sloping areas in your yard or garden frequently cause drainage problems on your property that seem to get worse over time. A retaining wall is a solution that enables you to create a patio, garden space or fireside seating, while solving drainage issues.
  • Adding a retaining wall to solve accessibility and maintenance issues in sloped areas of your landscaped property may solve multiple issues at one time. Hilly areas and slopes can make it difficult to perform landscape maintenance due to accessibility issues, rain runoff and erosion. Retaining walls add value to your home or business property, are easy to maintain, and provide great terracing effects that offer a variety of options for ways to use your new level grassy or garden areas.
  • Retaining walls add beauty to the landscape as they come in a variety of colors and textures to suit all preferences and styles. They can be built by Greenlawn Georgia, a trusted Roswell retaining wall contractor, with large concrete bricks or a concrete base with a beautiful veneer attached depending on the size and use of the wall.

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Georgia Erosion & Sediment Control Blue Card Certification

To address erosion and sediment control issues it is critical to have the necessary experience and credentials — that is why at Greenlawn Georgia we carry the Georgia Erosion & Sediment Control Blue Card Certification. This allows us to walk through the whole process of building retaining walls in Roswell GA (or surrounding communities) from design to completion with best practices applied.

You get the yard you desire, designed with stability and safety for the long-term.  In fact, the certification course covers: “…fundamentals of erosion and sediment control, the Georgia Erosion & Sedimentation Act, NPDES Permits, field maintenance, stream buffers, vegetative and structural BMP practices.” (From the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission website.)

Replace your damaged or deteriorated wood timber walls in Roswell Georgia with an attractive stone, brick, or concrete wall. Greenlawn Georgia Hardscaping & landscaping offers retaining wall contractor services in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs and Roswell.

Contact Greenlawn Georgia through our contact form or at (770) 375-9640. We look forward to working with you to bring your landscaping and hardscaping dreams to fruition.

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